Tuesday, May 9 2023 at 11:00 a.m, Small Stage

Theater for children and youth - Skopje, North Macedonia

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 6

(based on Astrid Lindgren's novel)

Director: Jakub Maksymov
Total design: Olga Ziebińská
Composer: Lazar Novkov
Starring: Matea Jankovska, Miki Achevski, Nikola Nakovski, Katarina Ilievska Siljanovska, Angela Dimitrova, Petar Stojanov

Here is a new story by the fantastic and world-famous writer from Sweden, Astrid Lindgren. She became part of the world heritage of children's literature with her novel PIPPI LONGSTOCKING.

Through the story RONJA, DAUGHTER OF A ROBBER, we enter a completely new world of robbers, elves, wild forest and adventurous landscapes. Between warring rivals (two gangs), two children from different robber clans, start a completely different, joint adventure. Their story is a story of friendship.



Wednesday, May 10 2023 at 11.00 a.m., Small Stage

Children's Theater of the Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 4

(based on the texts and poetry of Duško Radović)

Director: Nikola Bundalo
Puppet design: Petra Jocić and Berina Šuščević
Costume design: Jelena Stojičić
Set design: Berina Šuščević
Starring: Đorđe Janković, Zorana Šuman, Svjetlana Andrić, Nikola Milaković

Our terrible Lion is born from a drawing, and begins his adventure in nature and society. The terrible Lion is all of us, the art in us, the children we should keep in us.

It is a part of our personality that we have to protect, because each of us is silly, imaginative and unusual in our own way. Our "oddities" are the most beautiful thing about human existence.


Wednesday, May 10 2023 at 7.30 p.m, Big Stage

Bitef Theater, Belgrade, Serbia

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 12

Author: Tijana Grumić
Director: Nikola Isaković
Stage design, design of puppets-objects: Jovana Matić, Ema Pavlović
Electromechanics: Stevan Golubović
Video animation: Maša Tadić
Starring: Ana Milosavljević, Danilo Brakočević, Mladen Milojković

Tijana Grumić’s DO BIRDS HAVE THE CAPACITY FOR FUN? reminds us that the world is not and should not be anthropocentric. People are just one part of nature, and nature also has the right to grow, bloom, fly, sing, run, peck, even to have fun. It is for this reason that we have chosen a subtype of puppetry as the form of the play - the theater of objects. It reminds us that art shouldn’t always be anthropocentric either.

Man leaves things behind - personal items and intellectual creations, created to facilitate his survival or entertainment. However, these objects also have a life and experiences of their own. They attend many important events and historical moments that sometimes have direct consequences on them. With the advancement of technology, an increasing number of household items are acquiring new functions, now they can often sing, for example, or tell jokes, write plays, so why then couldn’t they act in theatre? On the other hand, we discard them all the more easily and, because of some minor defects, replace them with new versions.



Thursday, May 11 2023 at 7.30 p.m, Big Stage

Central European Dance Theater Budapest, Hungary

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 12

Author: William Shakespeare
Choreographer and director: Krisztián Gergye
Costume design: Béres Móni
Set design: Krisztián Gergye
Starring: Krisztián Barna, Lena Horváth, Dávid Dabóczi, Réka Gyevnár, Edmond Kisbakony, Gábor Kindl, Cintia Mohai, Lidia Sinka


Friday, May 12 2023 at 11:00 a.m., Big Stage

Theater "Boško Buha", Belgrade, Serbia

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 5

Author: Milena Depolo
Director: Đurđa Tešić
Costume design: Zora Mojsilović
Stage design: Isidora Spasić
Music: Vladimir Pejković
Cast: Milica Sužnjević, Mia Jovanović, Uroš Jovčić, Nemanja Oliverić, Boba Latinović, Jelena Trkulja, Branislav Platiša

Johanna Spiri wrote her most famous work in 1881, during the Franco-Prussian War to entertain and comfort the wounded and refugees during those difficult times. As soon as it appeared, the story of Heidi, with its freshness and loveliness, introduced something new to children's literature - vitality, inspiration and a sense of freedom.

The author of the dramatization, Milena Depolo, and the director, Đurđe Tešić, telling the story of the most famous girl from the Swiss Alps and her friends in contemporary theatrical language, but preserving the original wisdom and beauty. Through the play of the seven actors, children will see that extraordinary heroine Heidi, who provide help where it is needed, and spreads a smile and joy that we may miss the most.


Friday, May 12 2023 at 7.30 p.m, Big Stage

Teatro "Plus", Gijón, Spain

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 9

Author: Alek Ćurčić
Director: Olga Zecheva
Stage and puppet design: Alek Churchich
Music: José Ramón Feito
Choreographer: Ana Serna
Starring: Alek Churchich

GEOMETRY OF THE SOUL is a fusion between visual theatre, puppet theatre, movement and dance theatre, all of which try to come together and explain the relationship between the geometric shapes and the human body, a body which will give a soul to the geometry so as to be able to understand the geometry of the soul that is inside it.


Saturday, May 13 2023 at 11:00 a.m., Big StageCity

Theatre, Podgrodica, Montenegro

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 5

Author: Jasmina Fulurija
Director: Marko Čeh
Costume design: Tijana Todorović
Stage design: Neža Mekota
Music: Mladen Nikčević
Starring: Željko Radunović, Dijana Dragojević, Una Lučić, Božidar Zuber

I read 20,000 MILES UNDER THE SEA in the first grade of elementary school and I was completely fascinated by all the wild animals depicted in the novel, and enthralled by the fact that there is a world we know nothing about, yet it is the largest and one of the most important ecosystems on Earth. I went to the bookstore and looked for pictures of the creature in encyclopedias. Now we have thousands and thousands of pictures all around us, so I want kids to go and look for all the amazing creatures that live under the sea - I want to spark that same fascination in kids, so they can explore those amazing creatures, not just looking for pictures online, but actually explore while at sea. The seas and oceans are in danger today, but there is only one concrete symbol that raises awareness about this in the whole play - a heart made of used plastic tape that speaks of the ocean now having a heart made of plastic. (Marko Čeh)


Saturday, May 13 2023. at 6.00 p.m, Small Stage

The Key Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 5

Author: Dikla Katz and Avi Zliha
Director: Dikla Katz and Avi Zliha
Total design: Marbe Yadaim Studio - Gili K.U
Music: Johnny Tal
Starring: Dikla Katz and Avi Zliha

A non-verbal puppetry play, that tells the story of mankind, nature and greed. Through old books, recycled bindings and yellowing pages a story is told about a boy and a tree, about childhood and adolescence, about green fields that are lost between grey concrete and about one green bud of hope. Inspired by THE GIVING TREE by Shel Silverstein.


Sunday, May 14 2023 at 6.00 p.m, Big Stage

City Puppet Theater Rijeka

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 6

Author: Tamara Kučinović
Director: Tamara Kučinović
Total design: Alena Pavlović
Music: Ivan Đula and Luka Vrbanić
Cast: Tilen Kožamelj, Damir Orlić, David Petrović, Petra Šarac, Andrea Špindel

The performance FROZEN SONG talks about the breaking down of language, time, and space differences that disappear with every atom of friendship and love, which in their crazy simplicity break down even slightly bigger barriers than language ones, which are those created by a broken heart and mistrust. The love and children's persistent imagination of a strange boy will win the heart of a girl who thought she would never open her mouth to smile again.

The creation of the play was inspired by the stories of THE FROZEN SONG by Stjepan Grigorjević Pisahov, a Russian writer and artist who managed to translate life in the cold regions of Russia into a funny, artistically expressive, poetic and life-filled book full of fairy tales and touching fictions that speak mostly about the beauty of human life. The poetics of the play relies on Pisahov in his effort to reach the most important thing with artistry and simplicity, which is the possibility of life in impossible situations. Therefore, in this poetic world, life is reduced to the reality of existence and the possibility of living.


Sunday, May 14 2023 at 7.30 p.m, Small Stage

Theater "Merlin", Berlin, Germany

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 15

Author: Dimitris Stamou, Demy Papada
Director: Dimitris Stamou
Total design: Merlin Puppet Theatre
Music: Achilefs Charmpilas
Starring: Dimitris Stamou, Demy Papada

One building, five apartments , six characters. The audience is watching them live their conventional lives in a dark, claustrophobic setting, with their fears, obsessions and loneliness. Through the dark rooms of CLOWN'S HOUSES the loneliness of the modern man is displayed; prison-like houses, people trapped into their routines and habits, distant from their dreams. In CLOWN'S HOUSES you will find a combination of different puppetry techniques such as marionettes, top table puppets, object and shadow theatre. The two puppeteers animate puppets and objects, without being obvious to the public while the realism of the motion, the scenic world and different lighting conditions complement the dark sensation of the play.


Monday, May 15 2023 at 11:00 a.m., Big Stage

Varna State Puppet Theater, Bulgaria

The play is recommended for audiences over the age of 6

(Musical adapted from the novel by Lewis Carroll)

Director: Biserka Kolevska
Stage and costume design: Svila Velichkova
Music: Piers Chater Robinson
Starring: Balena Landzheva, Boyan Stoyanov, Valentin Mitev – junior, Vera Stoykova, Galin Ginev, Daniel Dobrev, Diana Tsolevska, Evgeniya Vasileva, Krasimir Dobrev, Maria Tomova, Teodor Hristov, Stoyan Stoyanov

In Lewis Carroll's fantasy world, nonsense seems as meaningful as the words in a whole dictionary. And who can even say what nonsense is? If we follow Alice in her journey in TROUHG THE LOOKING GLASS , we will be convinced that the more interesting world is the world of the fantasy. And sometimes seeming nonsense is one step closer to the invention. But is that so? "If so, it could be, if not - then it is not." This is the logic of the Through the Looking Glass. And which side of the mirror are we on?
“Twas brillig and the slithy toves
Did Gyre and gimble in the wabe
All mimsy were the borogoves
And the momeraths outgrabe”
Alice!.... And it all starts over.